About Us

If you appreciate Service, YMS is the Right Choice for you.

YMS is a locally owned and operated organization serving Ontario Physicians and Allied Healthcare Professionals.

With years of experience working with Physicians and their administrative teams YMS makes for an extremely supportive partner.

Known for having the best support in Ontario our clients feel confident that YMS will follow through and be there when we are needed.

Calls are answered. 

Calls are returned. 

Your needs are met.

Whether you are interested in Billing only service or the full  EMR, YMS will custom fit a solution which best meets the needs of your specialized practice.

About YMS

The YMS EMR is an extremely versatile and well supported electronic medical record (EMR) suitable for specialized and general practice.  This unique solution respects the physician’s current style and record keeping preference permitting the electronic document management capabilities to add new efficiencies to their practice.  YMS is locally owned, operated, and supported making our team of experts best suited to serve Ontario Physicians.  For more information contact info@ymsmd.com/1-855-90YMSMD or visit us at www.ymsmd.com


"Versatility – We have been able to customize this program to suit our clinic's unique needs" .

Darlene Howard, Clinic Manager
“Thank you so much for helping us transition into the world of EMR this year.  It has been a pleasure to work with you all - thank you for your help, support, encouragement, and training. Looking forward to our ongoing partnership."


Erica & the Trent Health Services Team
"YMS was supportive throughout my transition to EMR and continues to provide above the expected service to keep my office running smoothly day in
and day out. Their ability to train, support and expand are their strong suits."

Dr. Jeffrey Werger, MD FRCSC FACS
“I have found the YMS Billing, and more recently, the YMS EMR to be outstanding products. 

 We have used almost every corner and feature of YMS’s Billing Solution and leveraged its simplicity and efficiency to maximize the business aspect of our practice. Maximizing the usefulness of each feature, from scheduling, to scanning, to macros for billing, has meant a significant reduction in administrative time and a marked increase in patient available time to grow our practice. This has led to a consistent year over year growth in practice revenue, practice efficiency and patient care.

As part of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario mandate for peer review of individual practices, the College indicated after its survey of our practice in September 2010 that we were one of the very few practices in Ontario that required no further intervention given our extremely high level of charting and patient care. I attribute this in part to the framework offered us by YMS Billing, and why we migrated to the YMS EMR.

I have been very pleased with YMS support with the company working very hard with us to solve our IT needs and challenges. The customer relationship experience remains outstanding.”


Dr. D. Robertson, MD FRCSC
“After many years practicing medicine using paper and pen I decided to implement the YMS EMR in my practice. From the start they supported me and my staff as we made the change to electronic medical records. It was a big change for everyone, but worth it. I am offering better patient care and am spending less time working. I have heard horror stories from colleagues who started down this path with a vendor other than YMS and I am glad I put my trust in YMS.”


Dr. G. Magee, MD
"I just wanted to send a thank you to you and all the staff at YMS.  Everyone
has been extremely helpful with the change over to MC EDT and it was greatly
appreciated.  Throughout the year, I have had to call for one reason or
another, and was always treated like your # 1 client."

Joan Westergaard, ProMed Business Professional Inc.
“I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your continuous support for myself as well as Dr. Leith’s practice. It has been 18 months since we launched the EMR software component within our office, and to date I can honestly say ALL of you helped contribute throughout the transition and now our office has become fast, efficient and productive. Thank you for always being there when I call to fix a problem or if I have questions.  Your continued support is unmeasurable and I look forward to touching base with you in the future.”

Tara McDonnell, Office Manager