I have found the YMS Billing, and more recently, the YMS EMR to be outstanding products. We have used almost every corner and feature of YMS’s Billing Solution and leveraged its simplicity and efficiency to maximize the business aspect of our practice. Maximizing the usefulness of each feature, from scheduling, to scanning, to macros for billing, has meant a significant reduction in administrative time and a marked increase in patient available time to grow our practice. This has led to a consistent year over year growth in practice revenue, practice efficiency and patient care.

As part of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario mandate for peer review of individual practices, the College indicated after its survey of our practice in September 2010 that we were one of the very few practices in Ontario that required no further intervention given our extremely high level of charting and patient care. I attribute this in part to the framework offered us by YMS Billing, and why we migrated to the YMS EMR.

I have been very pleased with YMS support with the company working very hard with us to solve our IT needs and challenges. The customer relationship experience remains outstanding.”

Dr. D Robertson, MD FRCSC

YMS Billing Services Improve Your Bottom Line. Contact YMS to learn more about how you can start saving money now by switching your billing services to YMS. More information on billing agent services is available at or by calling 1-855-909-6763 x230.

Over the years YMS has provided a wide range of services to our clientel.  These services range in scope, but have in common that they fulfilled a need - help physicians and clinic managers couldn’t find elsewhere.

YMS Services Include, but are not limited to:

  • Vendor Change Management
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Medical Coding
  • Billing Agent Services
  • MD Billing/Coding Auditing
  • Form Automation
  • Replacement Staff Training
  • Ohip Billing Consultation
  • Billing Reporting
  • Customized Consultation Reports
  • Document Management Planning
  • EMR Services
  • Environment Reviews
  • Reconciliation Assistance
  • Conversion Transition
  • Training
  • Support Services

Contact for more information about YMS Billing Agent Services – We Bill for You for Less

You have the ability to choose the services your medical office needs without being pressured to take on more. While we may recommend certain services based on an assessment of your organizational needs, we respect that every office is different. You need to do what is best for your company’s bottom line.

When you opt to work with YMS, we can set up an in-house system for you or we can manage your billing and other services off-site. Since we believe in offering our clients the maximum in flexibility, the choice is all yours. If you choose to work with us off-site, we will provide you with monthly reporting so you can monitor our services and make sure that we are doing all that we set out to do. We welcome your feedback and are willing to make adjustments in our service levels at any time.

YMS got its start because we saw the need for medical establishments to optimize their workflow so they could be profitable and provide better service to patients at the same time. Since we started YMS, we have heard from doctors and medical billing staff people that our services have made their jobs so much easier and more efficient. That is exactly why we are in business. We invite you to contact us today if you need a way to streamline all of your processes for better results.

If you appreciate having a partner you can work with to get you through any issues you may be having, YMS Services are the right choice for you.