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“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a  habit.”   Aristotle

Welcome to this edition of your YMS Newsletter. In this issue we will provide helpful reminders and identify processes that can increase office efficiencies and reduce costs.

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Maximizing Your Income & Minimizing Expenses with the YMS Solution

As you know, running a business can be very costly. With your focus on providing the best care to your patients, leaning out your business expenses can sometimes be the last thing on your mind. Improving profits needs to be examined from two perspectives: improving income and decreasing cost.

Let’s start with the issue of maximizing your income. What are you doing to ensure you are billing properly and submitting for all of the fees you are entitled to? Does your staff have enough time to submit, reconcile, and correct. Is your Schedule of Benefits up to date? Are Healthcard Errors being corrected or is this income being lost? Have you provided all available training for those responsible for submitting and reconciling your billings and your income? Are corrections being made in a timely manner or are some of your claims stale dated? Do you always know when cut off is and are you realizing your income as early as is possible?

And are you maximizing your billable time?

The other side of protecting your income involves ensuring you are running your practice as efficiently as possible. Here are more questions you should be asking yourself:

Are you scheduling electronically and monitoring your ‘no show’ and ‘cancellation’ numbers? Are your paper and fax costs increasing? How much of your lease payment is going to cover the cost of storing piles and piles of paper records? Is administrative time spent effectively?

Here are the takeaways:

  • Ensure your staff is well trained on how to correctly bill for your specific way of practicing.
  • As an alternative, hire a professional billing organization to bill for you.
  • Investigate your paper, faxing, filing, and storage costs – consider, would it be less expensive to have electronic reports coming in to your YMS application or to have form completion automated?
  • Is filing and completing paper forms the best use of your team’s time?  In many cases confirming appointments and ensuring healthcards are valid is a better use of their time.
  • Schedule a workflow and process review with YMS to identify potential areas where improved efficiencies could be realized.

Contact us at info@ymsmd.com to discuss the flexible options available to you.

Looking for Someone to Manage Your Billings on a Temporary or Permanent Basis?

What many of our clients may not be aware of is that YMS offers billing services to clients which extend beyond our general support services.

With over 36 Years of Billing Excellence, YMS has many options available to those looking to have professionals manage their billing, submission, review, and reconciliation. Further details can be obtained by contacting info@ymsmd.com.

Will You be Ready for Retirement? 

What are you doing to prepare for retirement? Are you thinking of slowing down or retiring in 5 to 10 years? Maybe sooner? Contact YMS for more information on what you can be doing now with your software and client records to make the transition easier and less expensive when it comes time to retire.

YMS Solutions ARE Certified – What does that mean for users?

YMS clients have further reason to be confident they are using secure and reliable solutions to manage their practices. You can feel good knowing the YMS solutions you are using are Provincially and ISO Certified. For users this means the applications you use daily have passed the strictest requirements for connectivity, security, and accountability, representing Quality and Excellence.

Are you Realizing all of the Benefits of Your YMS Solution?

For Starters, are you using the YMS application to schedule appointments electronically? If you aren’t currently using your scheduling application, here are a few of the conveniences you may be missing out on:

  • Daily Check &  Balance of your Billing
  • Reporting by Appointment Type – ‘No Show’ and Cancelled Appointments
  • Pre-set Appointment Types for Quicker Appointment Scheduling
  • One Click Patient Appointment History
  • Quick Next Available Appointment Search
  • Reduce Missed Billings by Checking for Unbilled Appointments

Even our best users can benefit from a review of the functionalities available in your YMS solution. If you set aside twenty minutes in your day, we can walk through the applications and how you are using them.

To arrange a one-on-one session with one of our product specialists contact info@ymsmd.com.

YMS – An Integrated Approach

In addition to the features you currently  utilize, did you know there are time saving conveniences you can add to your
YMS solution?

  • Automate  the Completion of Forms
  • Prescribe Electronically with Quick Renewals
  • Scan & Store Your Paper Records Electronically
  • Manage Labs & File Electronically
  • Remote Access to Your Records
  • And many more convenient features …

Add one, two, or add them all. Features are easy to add – contact us at info@ymsmd.com to learn more about the options available to you.

YMS User Webinar Series

Check online at www.ymsmd.com to discover this month’s webinar schedule and topics.

Ministry Updates

YMS has always been a source of information for our clients with available detail on all the latest Ministry updates and changes to the Schedule of Benefits. Visit us regularly online www.ymsmd.com for the link to the latest news or call our helpdesk to discuss the latest changes.

Helpdesk User Tip

At least Submit Weekly. Submitting on a regular basis and not waiting until cutoff is good practice. If there are any issues around cutoff time, you are then at least ensuring you will have some income for the month.

Here’s a fun mad lib to take home to the family:

A man rides into town on Friday, stays for three days, and then leaves on Friday – how is this possible?

Email info@ymsmd.com for the answer.

Coming in Our Next Issue…

  • Mobility
  • Hospital Reports
  • New billing features…


Common YMS Questions Answered:

Can YMS convert the data I have entered into a different system into my YMS Billing & YMS EMR?

Yes.  A pre-test of the conversion is always performed to ensure accuracy when importing the patient record data.

I am used to dictating, how does transitioning to the YMS EMR work with this type of input?

The YMS EMR is very flexible and dictation or voice recognition are just a couple of the many input options available to users.  With dictation the Physician can elect to have a dicta typist granted secure access to type the necessary letters.  Using a voice recognition software is another option for inputting data into patient charts.

Can I use just part of the functionalities of the YMS EMR?

Yes, transition taking as much time as suits your situation.  Training and implementation can be broken down into smaller sections based on your particular practice needs.

Do I have to pay for updates when they are released?


Does YMS charge License Fees?


I like Mac computers, can I use a Mac with the YMS Solution?

Yes, you can use Mac as an input device with your YMS EMR.  We just need to consult with you on the OS.

What size of company is better for meeting my needs & ensuring good service.?

With YMS you get attention to detail and service beyond all other provided in the province of Ontario.  As a small company we understand your business needs and we are positioned to move quickly as needs evolve.  Service never gets compromised.

How much will implementing an EMR cost?

The grant amount was calculated after years of research and for that reason is quite in line with what adopting an EMR will cost over the first three years.

How does the Ontario Physician / Specialist funding work?

Funding will be changing – stay tuned for updates. OntarioMD is currently in discussions with the Ministry of Health. We will know more soon!

What types of input methods/devices can be used?

iPads, tablets, laptops, desktops, thin clients, and voice recognition.

Is the YMS EMR a local or hosted solution?

Both the YMS EMR and Billing only solutions are available as local, hosted, or hybrid systems.