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YMS has released a Web Based EDT (MCEDT) Version of the popular YMS Billing Application.

We are ready and have already helped thousands of Ontario Physicians transition to new web claims submittal software. It isn’t too late – we can help you.

YMS is pleased to assist you with your move to Web EDT. To schedule your update or if you need further assistance with your Go Secure account registration,  please contact

YMS has a reputable and well trusted billing solution for Ontario Physicians which is widely used and recommended.

This Provincially and Nationally Certified Billing Solution is Fully Supported by the most knowledgeable Billing Experts in the industry – the YMS Smart Billing system is designed to maximize your billings.

  • Automated Registration
  • Managed Reserve Time Scheduling
  • Patient Status Updates
  • Quick Bills
  • Combination Billing
  • No Show Reporting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Customized Reporting
  • Patient Recalls
  • Healthcard Validation
  • Fully Locally Supported
  • Updates Included


The YMS Cloud Billing Package is becoming increasingly popular – Contact a consultant today to find out why?

There are tailored billing solutions to work for you in your environment.  Whether you are a new physician without a home base, a mobile specialist, a solo physician, semi retired, or retiring YMS’s Billing Solutions are designed to make your billing easier.

There are also multi-physician site solutions and hospital billing programs with extensive reporting and customization possibilities.

Contact us now and ask about our current CLOUD Special (1-855-909-6763 x230 /

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